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TheCarpCatcher Bait
Winter Berry Trial packs
Cold water formulation

All you need to trail Winter Berry in one bag. Perfect for a couple of overnighters
10 15mm Airball Popups, 10 15mm Hard hookers, 20ml Glug, 50gm Paste
£3.89 Qty
All you could want
I have held a ticket for my local angling club Cambridge Fish Preservation and Angling society (CFPAS) since the late 1970's and have fished all it's lakes, ponds, pools, rivers and drains over the years. However there was one lake in 2003 that i had not fished and that was Block Fen B. The second of two lakes on this part of the Fen it had all you could want as a carp angler, wild and windswept a gravel pit of about ten acres with a very low stock of carp. My first session was on a warm, cloudy June day with a south westerly piling across the lake. I headed straight for the North east corner and setup my two rods in a small gap in the bushes. Whilst getting the rods out i heard the unmistakable sound of a carp leaping to my left and thirty minutes later i was astonished to see the bobbin hit the top and the alarm scream into action. I did do a few more sessions that year but it wasn't until the first week of September 2012 when i returned to fish it again. Eight years had passed and those doubles were now twenties and thirties, the lake had matured and i couldn't resist another go. What happened then can be seen in the film 'You only get one life', out next week.
I need a carp dog!
When fishing Pingels pool back in 2009 i got to make friends with 'Punch'. He lived in the house across the lake but wandered all the drains, dykes, pools and rivers in the entire area for miles and many anglers had come across him. This year i have promised myself to get one. It'll be called 'Walker', which is apt eh ;-)
Linford lakes ~ Alder Part one
It's rare to find waters that get little fished by carp anglers nowadays. Or any anglers for that matter? Linford has a few such waters and so ignoring the more heavily stocked lakes on the complex i opted to fish them instead. Alder lake was thought not to have any carp in it and was unfished from one month to the next. Now i find this more appealing than anything. To be on your own, to discover something forgotten. To fish a place lost to time. Thats a rare thing indeed and for me the very best kind of fishing.
Park farm part one
Park farm one and two are two of the most popular lakes on the Linford complex. Runs waters, places where you are almost guaranteed to have pickups and plenty of them. The lakes are rich in natural food but because of the high stock this runs out very quickly. When this happens the pickups begin. Plucks on the line, odd single double bleeps from the alarms all telling you that the carp are picking up your baits. Get it wrong and all you will ever get is the odd few fish. Get it right and the action can be non-stop.
Time to get the brolly out
Last year on Big Fjords i finally admitted that i needed a brolly wrap and that the bivvy restricted me. So when a mate was selling his one cheap i grabbed it. I can of course do better than this but for £40? This will give me a faster setup and thus mobility. It's going to create less problems erecting and allow me an element of stealth that my bivvy can not accommodate. I'm looking forward to the season as i get back to basics and do what i do best. Catching carp!
Just the usual
This is my mate Jeff Heath who fished with me on Redhouse lake. Here he is way back in the early nineties with one of the now deceased mirrors from Cawcutts lake in Cambridge at 27lb+. Jeff was always very good at catching carp and i will be fishing with him again next week on his syndicate in the fens. Hopefully all the bait ingredients that i have ordered will arrive in time for me to make up a batch of my 'K-LO' boilies to try out since Jeff tells me the water is well stocked. I haven't got around to picking Jeff's brains yet but he has been catching when no-one else has and generally getting more than his fair share, as per usual. So that is definitely on the agenda over a brew or two. No doubt the answer i get will be a smile, a chuckle and a shake of the head to the words (in your best manchester accent) 'I aint doing nothing mate, just the usual fella'. Yer right Jeff, so do i :-)
You only get one life
This is a lake i had been meaning to fish again for eight years. Filmed on location in the midst of the Cambridgeshire fenland's during 2 weeks late September 2012 an as it happens account of two night sessions in search of a beast. Word on the grapevine reached my ears... 'One of those places that generally gets very little attention, those that have done some time on there don't give much away. The stock's very low, I'd be surprised if there's more than 20 fish in there, probably more like a dozen' Word had it that the carp had grown on.
Valley Pool part one
So here we are on another series, Valley Pool. I have lost count of how many we have had in the last seven years but quite a few eh? This series will run for most if not all of this year on my Youtube channel. As i have said i have already got some great footage in the 'can' and i know there will be more to come from this wonderful little pool. Enjoy the journey, i know i will.
Taking it all in
It was an amazing experience on the River Ebro. The first four days were glorious sunshine with temperatures in the high twenties but as the week wore on the rain came and nearly washed us off the hillside. The flies were a constant nuisance but Jeffs Jungle Formula took care of that and while mistakes were made and lessons learned i'm pleased to say that some really nice fish were slipped into the net. It was both physically and mentally demanding and stretched Jeff and i to the full, a trip to the woolpack now seems tame. Trips like these change you but only for the good in my eyes and i cannot wait to get back to see what i have seen again and this time to take it all in even more.