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TheCarpCatcher Bait
Winter Berry Trial packs
Cold water formulation

All you need to trail Winter Berry in one bag. Perfect for a couple of overnighters
10 15mm Airball Popups, 10 15mm Hard hookers, 20ml Glug, 50gm Paste
£3.89 Qty
Lead systems
Over the years i have used many lead systems. Most of the time the pendulum and discharge clip does the job. But sometimes a change makes all the difference. The problem at this time of year is the weed, especially in gravel pits. You might be fishing a clear area but the weed will not be far away. Have a fish run into that with a heavy pendulum setup on and you will get snagged. So you need it to discharge, which the pendulum does well. However a flat pear is better sometimes for weed fishing because the lead lifts off the deck far quicker and can be brought to the surface with ease. You can then literally skim it across the surface over the weed. The one pictured is designed to discharge when it is snagged in heavy weed or when the fish shakes its head.
Pushing the limits
This picture was taken in 1991, that's my son Marcus who is now 25 years old wearing my hat. As you can see i started fishing with my rods up over 25 years ago now so it's not something that's new to me.Things like this can be just fashion of course but as i said a few posts ago i consider using the the rod setup also as part of the trap by enabling the rig and the lead system to perform differently. Just recently over the last few sessions i have been pushing this to the limit and with some astonishing success. However as with anything you push to the limit you always find the edge and so have i. So this week i will be taking all that i have learned through my successes as well as my mistakes and dialing it back a bit, fine tuning it. This for me is what fishing is really all about, finding a method, getting it to work and hopefully bagging a few before it all changes.
It would be interesting to know just how many people have caught this fish. In the six years i spent fishing the woolpack's lake #3 i caught it three times and saw it caught twice more. If you have caught Bertie then send me a pic!
Taking it all in
It was an amazing experience on the River Ebro. The first four days were glorious sunshine with temperatures in the high twenties but as the week wore on the rain came and nearly washed us off the hillside. The flies were a constant nuisance but Jeffs Jungle Formula took care of that and while mistakes were made and lessons learned i'm pleased to say that some really nice fish were slipped into the net. It was both physically and mentally demanding and stretched Jeff and i to the full, a trip to the woolpack now seems tame. Trips like these change you but only for the good in my eyes and i cannot wait to get back to see what i have seen again and this time to take it all in even more.
Back on the pack
It was back in 2010 when i last fished the woolpack lakes and the 2015 season see's me back on there for another go. There is a lot more fish in lake 8 to concentrate on now as well as the originals and the ones that still remain uncaught. It'll be like going home for me and i cannot wait!
An old flame
Today was all change from the summer on lake 7 as Autumn is rapidly passing over to winter and my ambition to catch pike from lake 7 commenced. It was a bright sunny start with clear skies but a driving north westerly soon brought heavy cloud and rain. Proper Pike fishing conditions and i was right on the end of it. I manged three runs too! Nothing big to report but i will be going back on my days off because those three runs have rekindled an old flame and i want more.
Park farm part one
Park farm one and two are two of the most popular lakes on the Linford complex. Runs waters, places where you are almost guaranteed to have pickups and plenty of them. The lakes are rich in natural food but because of the high stock this runs out very quickly. When this happens the pickups begin. Plucks on the line, odd single double bleeps from the alarms all telling you that the carp are picking up your baits. Get it wrong and all you will ever get is the odd few fish. Get it right and the action can be non-stop.
Swavesey Lake
I had spent most of the early spring/summer months fishing fenland clay pits and although i had caught many a fine carp i craved to be back on a windswept gravel pit. So after a chat ticket was secured for a syndicate on a Cambridgeshire gravel pit that held a small number of large and little caught carp. More than enough to keep me happy me thinks!
Waveney Valley Lakes 1985
Back in 1985 i visited the famous Waveney Valley lakes in norfolk with three other friends, as you can see the kit has changed but i haven't changed that much. This is G lake and at the time was stocked with plenty of 20lb carp which avoided capture really well on this trip. It was late season and we only managed one fish between us but i did go back for another visit the following year and made up for it with a few really chunky 20's. Alas those pictures are long lost and all that survives of my visit is a few slides i took which i have now scanned. Here we are in 2015 and it's hard to believe that this was thirty years ago.