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13 Feb 2016 1:55 pm
Nickolls lake - Hythe 2015 Part two
It's dawn on the second morning and i wake up tired after a very busy night. No sooner had the light came the rods started to fire off again with and first of the bunch is a minter common. Five days fishing on Nickolls lake, Hythe in Kent. Over 40 carp landed to 28lb, loads of food fun and weather with all the usual tips and tricks along the way. Proceeds from this film will be given to Carpin4Heros in aid of the Care after Combat charity. Go here to find out how to subscribe >>
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Nickolls lake 2015 - Trailer
Five days fishing on Nickolls lake, Hythe in Kent. Over 40 carp landed to 28lb, loads of food, fun and weather with all the usual tips and tricks along the way. To watch the first episode visit Proceeds from this film will be given to Carpin4Heros in aid of Care after Combat charity. For more information click the tags. Go here on information on how to subscribe >>
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The latest film series
The Woolpack lake 8 - part one
Lake 8 is around 8 acres with a guesstimated 60 carp in the lake. The lake is very rich in natural food and has a tremendous range of features including bars, gullies and plateaux. Depths range from marginal shelves of 3 feet to deep gullies of 17 feet. Most of the carp are in the low twenties with a few much bigger. There are a few large original carp in this lake which have grown on, largely undisturbed for many years. In all probability they have never been caught.
#2015, film, lake 8, woolpack
River Cam Quest
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River Cam Carp Quest
My local river is the Cam ten minutes from my house. In 2011 i went back to fish it again for the carp after being so successful in 2004. This is the story of what happened and how i caught a Cambridge legend and it's mates. Some of my best fishing and part seven is my finest moment when i landed 'The Linear', a real stunner of a fish.
#2011, bullseye, common carp, film, linear carp, mirror carp, river cam, the linear
Linford lakes
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Linford lakes ~ Alder Part one
It's rare to find waters that get little fished by carp anglers nowadays. Or any anglers for that matter? Linford has a few such waters and so ignoring the more heavily stocked lakes on the complex i opted to fish them instead. Alder lake was thought not to have any carp in it and was unfished from one month to the next. Now i find this more appealing than anything. To be on your own, to discover something forgotten. To fish a place lost to time. Thats a rare thing indeed and for me the very best kind of fishing.
#2014, alder lake, film
Valley pool
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Valley Pool part one
So here we are on another series, Valley Pool. I have lost count of how many we have had in the last seven years but quite a few eh? This series will run for most if not all of this year on my Youtube channel. As i have said i have already got some great footage in the 'can' and i know there will be more to come from this wonderful little pool. Enjoy the journey, i know i will.
#2014, film, mirror carp, valley pool
St Ives lakes
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True Carping - St Ives Lakes
It was way back in 1982 when I first laid eyes on the St Ives complex of lakes and I fished it on and off for the next 8 years. Since then it has matured and many of the carp have grown on to become famous and highly prized. The ever increasing army of carpers is growing and the trend for results has led to an explosion of instant carping. Stocked lakes full of fish where you can catch a twenty, a thirty, a forty or even a fifty. Swims are built with railway sleepers and hardcore, toilets and showers are provided for the endless stream of punters. Carpers from all over flock to cut their teeth and make their names on them, but St Ives is different. None of the above applies to this place, it's wild and rough where waders and a 'can do' attitude are essential piece's of kit. For me though, it's not about named fish or their weights, but the place itself. It has an atmosphere and wildness about it that changes you. This is a true story of one carper, as it happens, keeping it real, seeking adventure and having fun. This is true carping.
#2013, film, st ives, true carping
Pingles pool
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Pingles pool - Last of the Cuckoo's
Pingles Pool is an old clay pool situated in rural fenland and it is full of beautiful, fat Mirrors and Commons. It has been twenty years since I last fished and laid eyes upon this lovely little pool and in those following years many fish had been added and grown on with the olduns. The lilies had taken over all of the shallow margins and bars while some of the old mighty trees had crashed into the lake margins. Renowned for it's moods and the ever-surprising fenland weather the pool has an atmosphere all of it's own. Let the adventure begin!
#2009, common carp, film, pingles pool, the berry, ultimate-fish-meal
Willow lake
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Fenland Dreams
This series of films is located just outside the quiet fenland village of Earith. There are a plethora of lakes, pits, pools, rivers and drains to fish to keep the angler happy all his life surrounding this little village and tucked away down Meadow Drove is Fenland Fisheries. With two main lakes, Willow and Vermuyden the carp range from 10lbs to over 45lb and the cats go to over 70lb in willow lake. Available as day ticket waters to the general public it represents a good challenge for any carper looking to be consistent
#2012, film, the berry, willow lake
The Woolpack lakes 2 & 3
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The Woolpack lakes 2 & 3
I had been fishing the woolpack lakes 1, 2 and 3 since 2002 but only started to film my sessions in 2007. Here are some of the first episodes in each series, seasons 2007 to 2008 where i caught an amazing amount of the residents before my final goodbye.
#2007, 2008, film, lake 2, lake 3, the berry, woolpack
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