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The Berry
Anyone who's watched my films since 2007 will know that The Berry has brought a great deal of success for me and many others that have used it
My original recipe has not been available since 2010 but now it's being brought right up to date with all the latest ingredients and techniques pushing it way beyond previous mix's
It keeps the unique attractors using the blend of essential oils, flavours and sugars that makes it such a distinctive bait but the basemix has been vastly improved
By isolating and just using the active components in two of the ingredients previously used the effectiveness of the bait has been vastly improved and the cost bought down
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Vanilla Spice
Vanilla Spice is a genuine old school Milk Protein basemix utilising Casein, Lactalbumin and other milk derived ingredients which have proven themselves in carp baits since Fred Wilton first introduced them to the carp fishing world back in the 1970's
Vanilla Spice gives off a strong amino acid signal which freely dissipates into the water giving off a natural food signal that can be easily detected by carp. Two of the best attractors available, Vanilla & Bun Spice are used in a low level combination as the unique label identifying the bait
Unlike most other baits the Vanilla Spice mix produces a tough, rubbery boilie which is a mark of milk protein baits. Once immersed in the water it swells and softens but it doesn't saturate and then crumble it stay's intact whilst enzymes within the bait naturally break it down, reinforcing the amino acid signal that it's giving off. Eventually the enzymes will break it down so much that it will dissolve, finally giving up all of it's goodness
Milk proteins are know for there longevity in use and there effectiveness in catching carp is unsurpassed, however you will not find many companies selling milk proteins because of the price, it's about four times more expensive to produce than fishmeal or birdfood baits
This of course can be a very big edge as your likely to be the only one using it Got it
Premium Krill based mix, ultimate Lobster attractor, no expense spared
A fishmeal mix with Hydrolysed liquid Krill protein & Lobster extract, it's a food bait developed to use natural stimulants and food signals to attract and catch carp
A well textured basemix it has a tough absorbent skin to allow the whole bait to swell and give off it's contents, yet it'll stay intact until it naturally breaks down.
The Lobster used in this bait has an impressive background of big fish catches and is the best you can get while the Krill protein concentrate boosts it's food signal profile to maximise the attraction. Shellfish is a fish catcher and this combination is simply awesome, if you're on fish they will be eating it
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Patrons Field Testing
Welcome to the Patron Field Testing page. This reward is available to all patrons who pledge $2 (£1.48) or more each month
Field testers receive a 15% discount on bait being field tested, all patrons receive a 10% discount on TheCarpCatcher bait range
Vanilla Spice
The Berry
Vanilla Spice Boilies
The ultimate Milk Protein basemix. Strong amino acid signal, Vanilla & Bun Spice as the unique identifier. more info
£10.00/Kg - £8.50/Kg with 15% patron discount
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The Berry Boilies
Fishmeal basemix utilising Hydrolysed liquid fish protein. Strong amino acid signal, low level blend of essential oils as the unique identifier more info
£8.00/Kg - £6.80/Kg with 15% patron discount
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K-LO Boilies
Fishmeal basemix with added Hydrolysed liquid Krill protein & Lobster extract. Strong amino acid signal more info
Supplied in 5Kg bags
£8.00/Kg - £6.80/Kg with 15% patron discount
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Bait is made up fresh each week for orders and delivery is direct from the manufacturer