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Patrons Field Testing Group
Welcome to the Patron Field Testing page. This reward is available to all patrons who pledge $2 (£1.44) or more each month
Below is the current list of products available to field testers with discount
Prices for all Free samples is £1.00 which covers the cost of Royal Mail first class post & packing
Hookers come in a packs of 10, Paste in 50grm bag and Glug in a 30ml bottle enough for fishing and testing without having to buy a whole lot
Field testers receive a 15% discount on bait being field tested, all patrons receive a 10% discount on TheCarpCatcher bait range
UK orders only, for EU & International postage please contact me first
Find out how you can become Field Tester
Current products available
Vanilla Spice Popups Free Sample
This is the very first batch from the factory. Vanilla/Bun Spice attractors are NOT all the same ask anyone with experience. These are the very best and work, whilst many others will let you down
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Vanilla Spice Boilies
15mm-24mm - £13.99/Kg £11.89/Kg
12mm - £14.49/Kg £12.32/Kg
10mm - £15.49/Kg £13.17/Kg
High quality Milk protein basemix, the very best attractors, no expense spared
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The Berry Popups Free Sample
This is a new batch from the factory with an improved recipe. Colour red with the distinctive and unique Berry attractors
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Winter Berry Paste Free Sample
Part of the new batch from the factory with an improved recipe for use in colder water. Colour red with the distinctive and unique Berry attractors
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Future products
Classic Popups range Free samples
These will go out as free samples over the 2017/18 winter period. Monster Crab (bright red), Atlantic Salmon (pink), Lobster (dark red), Pineapple (yellow), Raspberry (light red), Scopex (orange)
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Bait Making Basemixes & Additives
Classic basemixs - Predigested Fishmeal, Birdfood/Fishmeal, Birdfood, Milk protein and Nut accompanied by some classic flavours and additives
Due for testing spring 2018
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