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I place a lot of confidence in my bait and it's caught me fish wherever I have gone
Fishing with a bait made with high quality ingredients manufactured by experts that you know the carp will want to eat frees you up and allows you to fish more effectively
All of my baits are designed to do one thing, catch carp and to do this consistently you have to give them something they recognise as food, a bait they will search out
I have been making my own bait since 1981 and fish with it myself so you can be sure of the quality and be as confident you'll catch too
Up to £10.99 - £2.90 P+P
Up to £29.99 - £5.40 P+P
Up to £79.99 - £10.50 P+P
Up to £299.99 - £15.50 P+P
Over £300.00 - £30.00 P+P
Popups, Hard hookers, Paste and Glug are Post Free with boilies
All Patrons receive a 10% discount on TheCarpCatcher bait
Field testers receive a 15% discount on bait being field tested
All payments are made securely via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service
Bait is made up fresh each week for orders and delivery is direct from the manufacturer
All enquiry's should be directed here using the links provided below
Boilies are packed in five kilo bags and posted in multiples thereof
Large orders above 20Kg might be split into multiple parcels but will be sent and delivered on the same day
Note: Bait is made up fresh on Thursday - Friday and dried over the weekend with a delivery target of the following Tuesday - Wednesday, to ensure your earliest possible delivery date order by Wednesday
Orders & Enquiry's
You can order your boilies as either Short life or Shelf life
Shelf life fully preserved bait ideal for those with no freezer space. Once immersed in water the active ingredients in these baits will be triggered and they will then act as per the fresh version
Short life short term preserved baits ideal for those travelling abroad to fish or fishing longer than average sessions
For Non-UK orders and all other enquiry's please use the contact form provided
Make sure your postal address and post code are correct
To return items or if after fourteen days you have not received your order then you should use the contact form