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More and more people are switching from the mainstream media and in turn supporting the creators who deliver the content they want to watch
Crowd funding has become an essential part of this support as it gives you the viewer control over pledges, provides you with extra rewards and helps support the creator directly!
The Basics
  • As a patron you will get up to 15% discount off Bait & 10% off Clothing
  • Plus extra rewards that are tiered to your pledge amount
  • Becoming a patron is really easy, if you have a Facebook account you can sign up and join with one click
Signing up
  • To start go to my rewards page and select your pledge, press the 'Continue' button and continue to the sign up/Log in page. If you have a Facebook account then hit the 'Sign up with facebook' button
  • That's it!
    You are now a patron of TheCarpCatcher and your name will be placed in the honors list
As a patron of TheCarpCatcher you will be helping to keep the films going, everything costs but for as little as 20 pence a week you can help so much
Making films takes time and that's what you are giving me with your pledges, the time to go out and do what i do best and in return continue to give you films you all want to see
The great thing is you are not just doing this for yourself but for the thousands of others who watch and enjoy the films because with patrons supporting me all my films are now Advert free.
That's something we can all share in being proud of, thanks very much for your support
Steve whitby