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Become a patron
Becoming a patron is really easy especially if you have a Facebook account as you can sign up and join with one click
There are no upfront payments, you can pledge as little as $1 (£0.72), you can change or delete your pledge anytime and you will not get charged for your pledge until the end of the month
To start go to my rewards page and select your pledge, there are plenty to choose from. Remember you can edit your pledge at anytime, even if it's just to try out another tier and trial the rewards
Once you have selected your pledge press the 'Continue' button and continue to the sign up/Log in page. If you have a Facebook account then hit the 'Sign up with facebook' button
You will need to fill out the usual payment details but remember you won't get charged until the end of the month
That's it! You are now a patron of TheCarpCatcher and as such you will automatically get 10% of off TheCarpCatcher bait and your name will be placed in the honors list
Check out all the rewards on offer and get more help and advice here

Thanks for taking the time out to read this and support TheCarpCatcher!