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13 Jun 2015 Forget the spod!
For me this is way better than a spomb/spod for getting boilies out. Much easier to cast it puts the bait where you want it. The dissolvable foam marks the spot. A few quick strikes and the bait is spread beautiful! Looser holes on the boiles make for a tighter spread. Think this idea is from Rod hutchinson circa 1980's. How to use: Take a length of mainline and knot the ends together. Take off your rig and slip the loop over your quick change rig crook. Ensure the knot is at the crook end. Then pull a rig sleeve over it. Thread boilies on and finish off with three pieces of dissolvable foam. The three pieces act as a cushion on the cast and float free. Then strike the rod back to pull the boilies off! TIP! Test it in the margin first. Caught me so many fish :-)