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Alder lake pictures
Alder lake was one of the unfished lakes on the linford complex that held some secrets. Left unfished for most of the time save for a few tench and bream anglers it was thought to contain few carp if any at all and not worth the effort.
I first stumbled upon it when I was invited to the Linford show to do a talk on the saturday night. After arriving one of the bailiffs took me to a gate, let me through and said 'fish where you want Steve'.
As I drove down through the meadows I glimpsed Alder through the trees, quite, undisturbed and beautiful. Islands littered the middle of the lake, fallen trees, lilies and, as I soon found out features galore on the lake bed. It's an anglers paradise and as I drove round the perfect swim came into view.
My time on Alder was precious and when I trod those banks I left only footprints but came away with so many happy memories.