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I first fished Pingles pool in the early 1980's, it was on one of my club tickets and was nearby two other lakes I fished so it always held an interest. Dug for it's clay as a series of deep trenches it flooded into one pit giving it an unusual topography with bars that are like walls. These walls were all that once separated the individual trenches but now many are eroded to within a few feet of the bottom. Lilies can be seen growing off these bars in the summer tracing lines going across the lake and they are obvious targets producing plenty of fish.
Back in the 1980's the lake held perhaps a dozen or so carp and was know to be difficult however it has since been restocked and when I fished it again in 2009 it had a much larger stock mainly in the mid twenties region.
As with all small pools like this in the fens it would switch off if there was any noise from the bankside so your best chances were always when you had the place to yourself.