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Living the Dream part three
In October 2002 a year after graduating from university I picked up my rods again and one of the first places I visited was this little pool, at that time it held about nine carp upto 18lbs. The lake was gin clear and although I had them feeding on my bait it took me a while before I started to catch them. Eventually all bar a few were caught on a multi-strand rig tied using three strands of 7lb line and, with everything pinned down.
The next time I visited was four years later in 2006 where I found the stock had been increased to about 30 carp, with some very nice specials amongst them. Again it took me some time to figure out how to turn single bleeps into belting runs, but once I did I caught many of the inhabitants.
Apart from a couple of visits in the winter of 2014 and another couple in 2017 I hadn't spent any amount of time on it since 2006 but this year I decided to revisit. So over the later part of August through September until the end of October 2018 I did as many short sessions as I could before work.
23 sessions later I ended up getting over 30 runs losing only one fish. As the sessions move on patterns start to emerge as well as problems one of them only having the morning but, it is what it is and I thoroughly enjoyed myself despite it.
It has to be said that it takes an enormous amount of effort to do something like this, you have to be single minded and be prepared to make sacrifices, but if you don't then you never will.
The only way to live the dream, is to go out and do it.