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Valley Pool part one
So here we are on another series, Valley Pool. I have lost count of how many we have had in the last seven years but quite a few eh? This series will run for most if not all of this year on my Youtube channel. As i have said i have already got some great footage in the 'can' and i know there will be more to come from this wonderful little pool. Enjoy the journey, i know i will.
In good hands
This week saw me join my mate Jeff Heath on his syndicate water. Jeff's been hauling on these lakes all season and has an impressive consistency in catching so when he invited me i knew i'd be in good hands. The swim he choose for me was away from the main areas around the back of the lake. Littered with islands and covered with lilies it very much reminded me of a cross between St Ives and Manicure lake. I have to say i didn't find it too difficult in finding spots to cast my baits as the layout of the lake with all it's features pretty much decided it for me. Carp on lakes like these tend to travel around in a certain way and a certain course. Spots which look great will produce the odd fish but others will produce far more and this as i say is because of the topography of the lake. These spots see far more fish passing through them and having fished many lakes like this before it did not surprise me that they were the spots that produced while others did not. I ended the twenty-four hour session with four carp up to 22lb+ so i reckon i held my end up. Successful rig was my multi rig popup and my semi-fixed-running-rig lead system using a two ounce flat lead, bait was my 'K-LO' which i am currently field testing.
Skills sharpening
Its accepted that if your hook isn't sharp you wont catch much. The same can be said of your skills too. Sitting by motionless rods for that one run can often lead to apathy in your angling. Rigs are left out for longer and longer periods and the same methods pursued regardless. If you're not getting the runs then how do you know it works? Visiting waters that gives you the chance of bites teaches you so much. It allows you to experiment and find out what does and what doesn't work. My recent trip to Hythe was typical of this. You will of course make mistakes but its better to do this on waters such as these than say Alder lake where that one run, if you're not sharp, might not come.
The Woolpack lakes 2 & 3
I had been fishing the woolpack lakes 1, 2 and 3 since 2002 but only started to film my sessions in 2007. Here are some of the first episodes in each series, seasons 2007 to 2008 where i caught an amazing amount of the residents before my final goodbye.
A special breed of carp
I spent the last two days on my local pond Todds pit somewhere i have fished on and off since 1980 and is where i caught my first carp. Much has changed over the years but many of the carp that were first introduced in the 1970's are still there and they are a very special breed of carp too. I have fished plenty of the lakes and pools that litter the fens since i started out but nowhere else has a head of carp quite like these. Back in the day we would call fish like these wildies as they are indeed very closely related it seems to the original wild carp of old. Long and lean most never attain the size of their european King Carp counterparts however what they lack in size they make up for in speed and power. No other lake i fish has such carp as these, at least not in the numbers we have in Todds. When first hooked they will tear off with amazing speed and with such power they are unstoppable, often reaching the sanctuary of the heavy weed long before you have had the chance to put them in check. They are absolute beasts and anyone who has fished for them will no doubt tell you the same. This weeks tactics held them in check though and i managed to land everyone of the seven that i hooked. Rods up on the front rodrest only and baitrunners tightened up to give only on a hard pull. So once the carp take they are instanly being played forcing all that initial power to bring them to the surface giving me a chance. It makes for some exciting fishing when you see a great gold bar launch itself thrashing to the surface from the deeps i can tell you.
Park farm part one
Park farm one and two are two of the most popular lakes on the Linford complex. Runs waters, places where you are almost guaranteed to have pickups and plenty of them. The lakes are rich in natural food but because of the high stock this runs out very quickly. When this happens the pickups begin. Plucks on the line, odd single double bleeps from the alarms all telling you that the carp are picking up your baits. Get it wrong and all you will ever get is the odd few fish. Get it right and the action can be non-stop.
An old flame
Today was all change from the summer on lake 7 as Autumn is rapidly passing over to winter and my ambition to catch pike from lake 7 commenced. It was a bright sunny start with clear skies but a driving north westerly soon brought heavy cloud and rain. Proper Pike fishing conditions and i was right on the end of it. I manged three runs too! Nothing big to report but i will be going back on my days off because those three runs have rekindled an old flame and i want more.
Telling a story
I get a lot of people asking me how i go about filming my sessions. It's not something i have ever thought about really. That is until recently when i realised that all i am really doing is telling a story, albeit as it happens. There is no script, i dont set out to make a film, i just go fishing. Getting the camera out is now simply a part of the process of working things out, letting you know whats happening. I am though always aware that the story is the important part of my films. Telling it like it is, keeping it real having fun and loving every minute of it.
Last cut of the social
This weekends film is the 'Nick Burrage social'. I should be finished with the final editing and have it uploaded tonight for release tomorrow. Nick is one of this country's best anglers and ambassadors of the sport. His knowledge and experience of catching carp and his willingness to share all that he knows is testament to that fact. Pasties, cakes and coffee are the order of the day.