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About TheCarpCatcher
The original carp fishing blogger
Welcome to TheCarpCatcher website
40 years of carp fishing experiences, over 450 films in the last 13 years with millions of views
Name: Steve Whitby
Age: 63
Occupations: Writer/Filmmaker/Software engineer
From: Cambridgeshire
Graduate 2001 Cambridge BSc(hons) Computer Science
Fishing since 1963, First carp: June 16th 1980 Todds pit
Attitude: Old School
TheCarpCatcher channel started broadcasting on YouTube in June 2007
Filmed 'Blog' style they deal with the ups and the downs of a carper
Keeping it real for carp anglers all over the world
This site has been written by Steven Whitby, free to use, this site is being constantly updated
Have fun!