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In the early eighties I discovered a series of gravel pits six miles up the road towards the city of Ely. The place itself was known as Landbeach Marina park but was originally gravel workings that became flooded in the late 1960's. The owners who dug them, Dickersons gravel company turned them into a caravan and camping park in 1979 and stocked the lakes with course fish including a consignment of carp from a company if my memory serves me correct called Four ways fisheries.
When I first started to fish it in 1983 the carp had just about reached double figures like many of the lakes I fished back then. This was the time when carp became widespread in Cambridgeshire, a time when the monsters of today were just a few years old.
Most of my time on here was spent on the carp lake at the back of the complex stalking the carp with my floater cake ( ). I became very good at it and learned much about carp and their habits.
Sadly this lake no longer exists and the fish were moved on (i don't know where). A wonderful series of lakes with some amazing old carp and if it were still there, i'd be fishing it.