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Leyland water (aka Manicure lake) is just down the road from me and back in 1983 I was offered a lifetime ticket for £250 by the people running the water. The idea was to raise money to clear the lake and make it fishable and to do this from said life membership.
The offer came from one of the managers, the late great Barrie Rickards, however even such an illustrious invitation could not persuade my bank account to give up the money and so I had to refuse.
Over twenty years later the carp that had been stocked had grown on and so I abandoned lake 3 at the woolpack for a few sessions to go and try it out. I had success on my first visit and soon went back for more.
In 2006 and 2007 I went back again and literally took the place apart out fishing all other methods. The secret was simple, keep moving around the lake looking for fish (tapping lilies were a dead give away) and present them with a solid bag of my fishmeal mix, a bait that has seen many fish hit the back of the net for me.
I had a great time fishing the place on day sessions only, often landing five or six fish a day with the fish being between upper double to upper twenties. I learned plenty too which is always a bonus.