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28 May 2017 Bait making ~ Recipes
Back in 1981 when I first started to make bait there was no carbon fibre, no delkims, no big pits, no pods, spods, bolt rigs, hair rigs, boilies, popups, there wasn't any of what we now take for granted.

We fished for carp the same as we fished for any other species except we stepped up our gear and we were fanatics about bait because that was the key to catching them.
Bait was the most important thing, everything depended on your bait no-one talked about anything else.

I still feel this way because I have seen it so many times how a really good bait can make it all seem easy. And I have proved this on film with endless carp to my name now.

You may think that I am blowing my own trumpet, however it's the importance of bait that I am trying to underline.
Become a complete angler and strive to learn everything, especially how to make bait.