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Around twenty acres it has a stock that changes due to flooding from the Gt Ouse river nearby but at the time in 2009 it had two known thirties at 34lb and 38lb, backed up by about twenty or so other fish, mostly low to mid twenty commons.
When i arrived at the lake for the first time i have to admit i knew little about it. I had fished it 20+ years previously in the late 1980's but only the odd short foray and nothing came of them and i learned little. So when i arrived that afternoon for a quick overnight i followed my instincts and looked for features closer in than the showing carp, baited up with a few kilos of The Berry and some Berry flavoured pellets then stuck the kettle on.
The next morning i landed a twenty plus common and an hour later the second largest a stunning linear at 34lb.
They say it's better to be lucky than good, but i reckon a little of both helps ;-)