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In 1979 i was still fishing for specimen Roach, Bream, Tench and Pike and had never even seen a Carp let alone caught one, although i did on hindsight have one on briefly one flooded river day but that's another story.
I first heard about Todds pit whilst fishing for late autumn Roach on the River Granta. A much older angler who i often saw along the banks of the meadow stopped to chat and in conversation asked me if i had ever fished Milton gravel pits. His description of the lakes and the fish it held sounded wonderful, disused for years it had been taken over by the local angling club who had installed a locked gate on the car park making it private and secluded. Not only that but it also held a large head of carp up to 5lbs! Now 5lb might not sound much but on a roach rod (which is all i basically had) it was big enough and the thought of catching a Carp like the great legends of old was just too much for me to ignore.
The very next day i cycled out of Cambridge towards Milton to find a lake known as Todds pit. I got lost but eventually with some luck found my way to the banks and the very first thing i saw was a Carp swimming along the surface looking as easy to catch as a cold! But thats another story.